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Fondazione Pomodoro, spring 2011 exhibitions, Milan.

May 22, 2011

Fodazione Pomodoro, Saturday the 21st of May.

There were 3 exhibions open to the public from 7 April to 17 July 2011:

  1. Perino & Vele, Luoghi comuni.
  2. Dali’ e Rauschenberg, L’Inferno di Dante.
  3. Olga Schigal, Oltre le terre fredde.

The space of the foundation is an amazing exhibition space but also other events are held there, to my surprise there were absolutely no visitors. Initially what is most likelly to get your attention i sthe Dali’ e Rauschenberg exhibition but the truth is that there is not much to see as there were some multiples of really small dimention. Even though I like Dali very much I didnt even see all the frames.

The main exhibition is the “Luoghi comuni” and it was interesting finally the “Oltre le terre fredde” was a personal exhibition (one installation) which had to do with the scandinavian origin of the artist and her childhood.

Enjoy the video!


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