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Architecture Biennale of Venice 2012, Greek Pavilion curator interview

September 12, 2012

This is a video interview of the greek pavilion curator/commissioner Panos Dragonas in the Architecture Biennale of Venice 2012, Common Ground.
The Greek participation is titled Made in Athens and and was curated also by Anna Skiada. You can visit the exhibition untill the 25th November 2012, find out more info about the biennale clicking here.

The video is being directed & produced by Seekthepost Elculture.

Longer/alternative edit:


Made In Athens participating architects:

Andreas Angelidakis; ANTONAS Office; Aesopos Architecture; AREA Architecture Research Athens; buerger katsota architects; decaARCHITECTURE; draftworks*; point Supreme Architects; C. Louizidis & A. N. Glinou; D. Michalakis; A. Frantzis; D. & S. Antonakakis; T. Argyropoulos & C. Decavallas; Atelier Bow Wow; Bertaki / C. Loukopoulou / C. Paniyiris; b., BIG; Boyd Cody Architects; Divercity; doxiadis+; P. Dragonas & V. Christopoulou, D. Fatouros; FOR A; C. Gkikas & E. Filtsou; ISV Architects; Klab Architecture; K. Krokos, ksestudio, N. Ktenas; I. Liapis & E. Scroumbelos; Μ. Nikoloutsou & M. Filippidis; Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu; D. Sotovikis / A. Sotovikis / C. Batziou; tense architecture network; N. Valsamakis; I. Vikelas; Τ. Ch. Zenetos; KM Properties.
Commissioners/curators: Panos Dragonas, Anna Skiada.

Greek participation video interview in Art Biennale 2011 by Diohandi

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